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Nespresso Vertuo Vs Original: Which is the Best Choice for Coffee Makers?

On the market today, there are only two lines of Nespresso machines, Original and VertuoLine. Choosing the right pod coffee maker between these two gives us a headache. Nespresso Vertuo vs Original, which line should you choose? Today, we will dive deep into the features of both lines and their performance so that you can make your decision. Now, shall we begin?

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Nespresso Vertuo Vs Original Overview

With its unique capsule brewing technology, Nespresso brings you the most authentic coffee drinks. Starting with the Original line to the new and updated VertuoLine, Nespresso always surprises us.

Let's find out the strengths of each product line and how they can bring flavor and excitement to our kitchen.

Nespresso Original Line 

This classic line focuses on convenient single-use espresso machines. From sealed coffee beans, you can create an espresso, lungo, or ristretto to your liking.

Nespresso Original's strengths are mainly in espresso or longer espresso-based drinks. Since capsules come in only one size, you need a limit before the flavor becomes diluted and no longer palatable. If you want to make longer coffees, like an Americano, you have to use two capsules.

The Nespresso Original also comes as a package with Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother if you love milk foam. Making a latte or cappuccino is now a piece of cake.

Diversity is the key to Original Line's success.

Nespresso has partnered with established manufacturers such as DeLonghi or Breville to produce many different espresso maker models. No matter your budget, space, or preferences, there's always an Original coffee maker for you.


  • A wide range of coffee machines with reasonable prices.
  • Cheap and compostable third-party capsules.
  • Built-in milk frothing machine.
  • Diverse choice of coffee brands.


  • Loud pump.
  • 110ml is the longest drink you can get.
  • Suitable for espresso-based beverages only.

Nespresso VertuoLine


The Nespresso VertuoLine coffee machine has an opposite way of working.

Starting to appeal to the North American market, where people preferred more giant coffees, VertuoLine set itself apart. Nespresso has tailored it to use separate capsules to make filter coffee.

That way, you can make big cups of coffee with the rich flavor of traditional americano. Although the price of the machines in the Vertuo line is significantly higher than the Original, it is entirely worth it.

Designed to use cold milk, instead of struggling with a milk frother, it produces the best high-quality coffee.

Since the heat is low, you can drink your espresso as soon as it's done. We recommend using a little more thick cream for the most robust flavor.


  • It can make larger and longer filter-style espressos with one machine.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Nespresso coffee capsules with barcodes make brewing simple.
  • Thicker crema.


  • A smaller selection of machines and high entry prices.
  • Locked into Nespresso capsules only.

Comparison of Nespresso Vertuo Vs Original

The above information gives you an overview of the two lines of Nespresso pod coffee machines. The next part will take you into a head-to-head battle between their outstanding features.

The Capsules 

Speaking of capsule variety, the Nespresso Original will take the lead. With the participation of third parties, customers have more and more choices.

The Original Line has produced six different types of capsules to cater to each kind of taste. These types include Espresso, Intenso, Lungo, Decaffeinato, Crafted for Milk, and Master Origin.

If you are in a household or workplace with various personalities, choose the Original mixed capsule bags.

However, the biggest drawback of the Original capsules lies in their fixed size. With large drinks like Lungo, the taste will fade quite a bit.

What about Vertuo? You can only purchase VertuoLine domed capsules at Nespresso, meaning the variety of flavors is limited.

Size diversity is another story. Available in three different sizes, VertuoLine capsules ensure full flavor retention for large beverages.

One commendable point is that these capsules create a thicker layer of crema to stimulate your taste buds.

The Types of Drink

From the difference in capsules, we come to the difference in dispensability between Nespresso Original and Vertuo.

The Nespresso Original offers three different brew sizes. However, they all revolve around espresso. Sizes include the 0.7-oz ristretto, the 1.4-oz espresso, and the 3.7-oz lungo.

On the other hand, Nespresso Vertuo gives you the option of larger coffee cups. They include five cup sizes: an espresso, a 2.7-oz double espresso, a 5-oz gran lungo, an 8-oz mug of coffee, or a 14-oz alto XL.

What if you love milk foam? It then will be another problem.

Two models in the Original line, the Creatista and the Lattissima have a built-in milk frother. However, you will have to pay a higher price for machines like this.

Vertuo models do not come with a milk frother. If necessary, you can choose the Aeroccino as a bundle with a discounted price chiller.

Note that this type of chiller is also suitable for the Original series.

Extraction Methods

While you may not notice the difference from the outside, the extraction method of the two product lines dramatically affects the taste.

With the Original line, Nespresso used an incredible proprietary extraction system. It generates tremendous pressure to make a smooth and delicious espresso in seconds.

This system is widespread in professional espresso machines so that you can think about it as a safer option.

On the other hand, the Nespresso Vertuo uses a strange type of extraction technology called centrifugation. When active, it spins the VertuoLine capsule at extremely high speeds of up to 7000 RPM. The result you get is a layer of crema every inch thick.

Temperature and Crema

If you love the taste of espresso, then the Original series will make you feel like a professional barista. It uses super hot water to make the espresso so that the result will be pretty hot.

The crema layer is also affected by temperature, making it much thinner and has a light yellow color. Usually, people will love this option.

The temperature of coffee from Nespresso Vertuo will stop at just a little warm. The thick layer of crema we talked about above is the main culprit for this problem.

The fact that VertuoLine coffee makers use cold milk to create foam also greatly affects the temperature.

Barcode System

Nespresso Vertuo's complex barcode system is the feature that makes it shine compared to its predecessor. Depending on the barcode on each capsule, the device will brew your coffee to the perfect temperature, size and strength.

There are about 23 types of barcodes for flavors and some special editions. It saves your time to the maximum by simply placing the cup under the faucet and waiting for the result. However, you can only use capsules from Nespresso for valid barcodes.

Naturally, the Original Line does not come with any barcodes.

Product Variation

Thanks to the combination of Nespresso with other manufacturers such as Kitchenaid, Breville, or DeLonghi, we have a diverse range of models on the market. As of now, the Original Line consists of eight basic models and twelve different products.

You may notice a few familiar models like the compact Pixie or the bean-to-cup Lattissima.

Meanwhile, VertuoLine is relatively young, and currently, only three models are available. These include Vertuo, the VertuoPlus, and the Evoluo. For us to make an objective comment, their features and shapes are pretty similar.

It will take some time for VertuoLine to gain more market attention and develop new models.


If you have any questions about these two product lines from Nespresso, the section below will help answer them!

What exactly is the crema?

Crema is a brown substance with a texture resembling tiny bubbles that form on the top of an espresso. It is the result of several chemical reactions involving the pH and the coffee oil.

Thanks to the increased CO2 and pH, its taste will be slightly sour.

If your espresso uses Robusta beans, the crema will be thicker than Arabica beans.

What are the top coffee makers in the Nespresso Original Line?

The Nespresso Creatista Plus from Breville allows you to use milk frothing modes when preparing. While the crafting masterpieces are your talent, this device will support simple designs like a leaf or a heart.

This unit includes eight brewing options, four foam settings, and eleven temperature settings. With the LCD, you can access and select settings easily.

De'Longhi created the most popular Nespresso machine - the Pixie. With its compact design, it impresses with its user-friendly features. In addition, the metal construction also promises a high level of durability for this product.

What is the best Nespresso VertuoLine pod, coffee maker?

It is difficult for us to make a choice when the three models in the Vertuo series all have quite similar features. However, Vertuo Plus made the strongest impression.

With a simple touch, you drop the capsule in and let it do the rest. Vertuo Plus will read the barcode and automatically measure the dosage to prepare accordingly.

The used tablet compartment holds up to 10 tablets. So you won't have to waste time and effort to clean up many times.


With this article, we think you've all made your own decisions. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. If you're still confused, here are some of our recommendations.
The Nespresso Original machine will be suitable if you are a fan of espresso, and that's it. Its price is very affordable. The pressurized extraction process also results in a more distinctive espresso experience.
The Nespresso Vertuo machine will be suitable if you appreciate the convenience of making espresso and other coffees. The centrifugal extraction process also gives you a thicker and richer layer of crema.