Privacy policy

At, every user's privacy is extremely important. Here, you will see how we collect and process information on the website.

Information you provide

When you visit our website, your information will be automatically saved. Examples include some information such as name, phone number, email, account number, social network, or address.

Information we collect

We collect users' IPs automatically when they use the service and interact on the website. Some of the tools that support this collection include social networks, plugins, or third-party platforms. Detailed information about IP addresses, IDFA identifiers, or cookies is automatically collected. You can completely refuse through the website message board.

How we use your information

In order to provide users with the latest product information, IPs will be collected as mentioned above. In addition, to improve and operate the best service, we also use the user's IP. Moreover, WikiHome experts also use that information to learn about search trends as well as consumers' interests. Finally, the IP collection also helps us to protect our services from internet threats.

Chatbot feature

The chatbot feature is one of the prominent features on our website. Therefore, when you offer Facebook Messenger, you will receive the latest services and promotional information. Through Facebook ID, we also analyze consumer preferences and behaviors.

Cookie, web beacons, and third party cookies

Cookies are one of the privacy policies that WikiHome wants you to be explicit about. They are collected automatically to analyze user behavior as well as maintain and manage the website in the best way. In addition to cookies, the web beacons and third-party tracking technologies are also collected by our experts when you interact with the service.


Similar to other websites, WikiHome also contains links to other applications with our partners. Therefore, by accessing the website, you agree to these policies. You are completely assured because the links on this website must comply with the privacy policy of the user.


Children under 13 years old are not encouraged to use the services at WikiHome. This is also not the object we want to target. Therefore, we will delete the IP of children under 13 as soon as it is discovered. WikiHome always encourages parents or guardians to supervise the behaviors of children under 13 years old. Appropriate activities are approved but with the permission of the parents or guardians.

Information security

WikiHome members always pay attention to standards to protect the safety of users. We strictly prevent unauthorized changes or access, disclosure, or destruction of IP. However, all of these elements are not fully secure against hacker attacks on the internet.


If there is any complaint or question arises between the user and us, the authorities will be the party to resolve it. You can rest assured that the interests of the user will be guaranteed to the maximum.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

● Cookies will be used for advertisements on WikiHome.

● You can opt-out of these ads in conjunction with the privacy policy via the following link:

Our Advertising Partners

Take note that one of the privacy policies at WikiHome is that our partners are allowed to use cookies as well as certain user information. Don't forget in our policies, this is extremely important.

Amazon Associates Program

We are one of the members of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program as the collaborator program. Through links to Amazon, typically,,… WikiHome is also an affiliate program that provides the basis for websites.

Changes to this privacy policy

At WikiHome, the privacy policies are subject to change at any time without notice. This is also common with other websites on the internet. Therefore, when you interact on our website, you accept this in the privacy policy.

For major changes, we may send you a notice via email, or explicitly notice on the website. Therefore, we always encourage you to periodically review our privacy policy in order to understand the changes. For the latest privacy policy, please contact WikiHome's team.

Please let us know any questions you might have about the privacy policy via email: [email protected]