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Instant Coffee Vs Ground Coffee: Which One Do You Prefer?

Coffee comes in a wide variety of flavors. It's difficult to tell the difference between instant coffee vs. ground coffee when they appear so similar. The most significant distinction between instant and ground coffee is that instant black coffee has been prepared and dehydrated. Ground coffee is standard ground coffee beans that have not been through any brewing process. Instant coffee is nearly always of inferior quality, although ground coffee might be of varying grade. Let’s read this article to learn more!

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Instant Coffee and Ground Coffee Overview

What Is Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is a form of coffee prepared from the dry coffee extract. The thing is created by brewing coffee grounds the same way as ordinary coffee, except it is condensed. 

After being brewed, the moisture evaporates from the extraction, leaving powder, which dissolves when mixing with water. 

There are two ways to make instant coffee: 

Spray-drying: They spray coffee extraction into heated air, which dries the droplets fast and transforms into powder or tiny bits. 

Freeze-drying: The coffee extraction is frozen and then chopped into minute fragments, subsequently dried using vacuum at a low temp.

Both processes retain the coffee's quality, fragrance, and flavor. One spoon of instant coffee grounds to hot water is the most frequent method of preparation. You can alter the taste by adding less or more powder to the cup.

What is Ground Coffee?

Coffee Cherries

Coffee Cherries

The manufacturer produces brewed coffee from ground coffee. It indicates that it is the most popular type of coffee sold in stores. 

The whole coffee beans are crushed into tiny particles before being brewed to extract as much flavor as possible.

Electric coffee blenders, grinders, and food processors are among the instruments responsible for doing this. Whole coffee beans are known as "ground coffee" after being processed in one of these machines.

In-Depth Comparison: Instant Coffee Vs. Ground Coffee

We have gathered numerous distinctions in this essay, but they are the two most important. Let's take a closer look at these distinctions. 

How is It Made?

The primary difference between them is the material the manufacturer uses to produce them. A cluster of coffee beans in a ground process to form a specific size is known as ground coffee. 

The type of beans will determine the quality of the coffee. It implies that the manufacturer roasts the beans to a particular degree after plucking and drying the coffee beans and then separates them.   

The beans are then crushed to a precise size, as specified by the coffee manufacturer. But that's when the process comes to a halt. After that, the ground coffee is packed and shipped to the markets.

This kind of coffee is what you'll find in the market when you decide to purchase coffee. Ground coffee that has already been processed into genuine, contributing to producing instant coffee. 

Only the fluid is dried and cooled (through several procedures), leaving only the coffee's solids. The most frequent method is to pour brewed coffee into a vast tower that circulates heated air.

After that, they are moistened a little and tossed in a machine to allow the grains to clump together and produce the instant coffee grains we're all familiar with. In a nutshell, instant coffee is grounded coffee that has already been through the brewing process. 

It has a lot to do with the flavor difference between them. Ground coffee seems to have a lot more taste and fragrance, and it has more depth. Instant coffee has a bland flavor and is frequently unpleasant. 

This kind of coffee will look relatively flat and weak compared to genuine coffee prepared with ground coffee. Instant coffee appears widely in many households due to its availability and low cost. 

It is always more affordable than the ground one, or at least on par with the least expensive ground coffee.


Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Blonde Roast Packets

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Blonde Roast Packets

Because instant coffee is brewed coffee, it will mix with the water or beverage you choose. It also implies that you must use extreme caution when adding water to this kind of coffee. 

Because instant coffee has a bland flavor and too much water might make it even worse, it is better to add a bit less than the package directions suggest. Instant coffee is often a blend of coffee, sugar, powdered milk, and flavorings. 

This feature makes it an excellent drink for those highly busy or in areas where coffee doesn't brew well. Even still, because the station is rarely visited, the effort of buying a cup of genuine coffee would not be too difficult for people. 

Ground coffee, whatever you do to it, won't dissolve in the water. Although you blend it to oblivion or make an unusual smoothie out of it, it will not dissolve but rather transform into tiny particles. 

Allowing that combination to remain for a few minutes will cause the ground coffee to sink to the bottom of your cup. The enormous quantity of fibers in the coffee grounds doesn't dissolve in water, which is similar to trying to mix cocoa powder in coffee. 

So, in some ways, instant coffee is preferable for coffee by-products and equipment cleaning. Even so, there are certain things you can do with your spent coffee grounds. 

Caffeine Content

Ground coffee has a greater caffeine concentration than instant coffee, and it is due to two key events that occur throughout the brewing process. Caffeine must be removed from the coffee or processed before consumption. 

So when the beans are subjected to heat and a liquid to pull it out, this occurs. As a result, when hot water comes into touch with the coffee, the caffeine is physically absorbed. 

The more time the coffee is submerged in water, the more caffeine disappears.

That's why coffee makers such as the Turkish, French press, and even the primary drip filter will all create a solid black coffee brew when it comes to caffeine and even flavor.

Ground coffee produces a coffee brew that is easily customizable and may be tweaked as needed. You cannot control this with instant coffee. 

The quantity of caffeine removed is entirely dependent on the business that makes your instant coffee. It frequently attempts to produce the most potent coffee powder possible, but as you will see in a moment, this has its downsides. 

As a result, you've restricted the quantity of caffeine that the coffee business could remove before drying it. You may get around this by just adding extra instant coffee to the water, but this usually results in a short drink. 

Additional sugar or condensed milk would be required to be edible, which is not suitable for your health.

Quality And Price

Ground Coffee Always Be Robusta

Ground Coffee Always Be Robusta

For coffee fans, it's always a concern, but the benefits might occasionally exceed the lack of quality. Ground coffee is nearly usually produced using Robusta beans and is the primary cause of its poor quality. 

Robusta is a less expensive coffee bean, but it contains far more caffeine than Arabica. All ground coffee is Arabica, occasionally mixed with a little Robusta to give it a more excellent kick or even more caffeine. 

If you compare the two, Robusta has twice as much caffeine as Arabica, but it also contains half as many carbohydrates and lipids. It results in a bitter, earthy coffee and has a considerably greater kick than the Arabica.

It is the type of coffee that many people find challenging to consume black, and it is frequently combined with cream and sugar to make it more drinkable. 

Robusta is also frequently used in strongly blended coffee beverages. So there you have it, instant coffee is often of low quality due to the usage of Robusta beans. 

They are inexpensive, and they are the most excellent method to get a lot of caffeine into your system. However, because the instant Robusta is worse than prepared Robusta, it precisely makes instant coffee smell so awful. 

It will remove all flavor and offer only bitterness; however, the caffeine will still be present. Extra flavorings such as sugar, vanilla, powdered milk, or whatever else is included in instant coffee packages may always be used to help the process out. 


When selecting between instant and ground coffee, there is another factor to consider. As previously stated, Robusta is the most common coffee bean that manufacturers use to make instant coffee. 

It adds a high content of caffeine to the beverage while also having a pungent taste. However, there are some additional reasons for this, all of which are reasonable and rational. 

One explanation is that Robusta has a robust flavor that can withstand massive amounts of sugar, milk, and other ingredients. So you'll need a strong coffee taste in beverages like an iced latte, latte, or moccasins with two vanilla shots.

Robusta appears to be the queen of the coffee industry because when coffee beans mature, Robusta produces twice as much as Arabica. Because there are so many of them, it will always be more affordable to utilize Robusta beans. 

There is also the reality that the coffee industry wastes a majority of coffee while producing instant coffee; thus, utilizing inexpensive beans would substantially reduce instant coffee. 

That's why decaf coffee is generally prepared from Robusta beans rather than Arabica because the process is highly costly. 

Brewing Time

Brewing Instant Coffee Is Not Time-Consuming

Brewing Instant Coffee Is Not Time-Consuming

Finally, we'll discuss how useful immediate is. When preparing ground coffee, you must wait to finish, clean the equipment, and discard the coffee grounds before enjoying your beverage. 

However, this method is too time-consuming and inconvenient. Thus instant coffee was invented to provide, well, instant coffee. All you have to do now is add boiling water. There's no need for hot water. 

If you are out camping and need a pot of joe, you also can pull out an instant coffee package, pour it into your bottle of water, and you are good to go.

In addition, you can rely on this video to better understand the difference between these two types of coffee.

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Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching this field.

How Long Does Ground Coffee Last?

Although the flavor of ground coffee soon deteriorates, you can consume it for a few years. Unless the water is polluted, ground coffee will not go wrong. Coffee sitting for several months may smell bland, but it's not harmful to your health.

How To Store Ground Coffee?

You must store ground coffee correctly to extend its quality and give you more satisfaction from your drink. Said, the best method to store it precisely is to keep it free from moisture, heat, air, and light as much as possible. 

The easiest way to keep your coffee fresh is to keep it in a sealed jar in a cold, dark cupboard. Also, store the ground coffee in a compact container to restrict the air that comes into contact with it, which slows the oxidation process. It would be best if you have a vacuum-sealed container for it.

Never put ground coffee in your refrigerator or freeze it, since this might cause moisture to enter the coffee and spoil it. If you buy ground coffee, do not keep it in the package in which it came since it won't keep it fresh. 

Why Is It Possible To Whip Instant Coffee? 

Instant coffee works better than ground coffee when it comes to whipping. Due to the apparent drying process, that's the case. 

Instant coffee, in particular, is likely to be whipped this way since it dissolves completely in hot water and contains shelf-stable components such as soy lecithin.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this comparison of instant coffee vs. ground coffee, you can get a better insight into these two common types of coffee. Each coffee has its smell and flavor, which attracts the coffee tastes of distinct people.

Thank you for reading!