What is the Difference Between Latte and Mocha?

For coffee enthusiasts, surely they will be no stranger to different types of coffee-based beverages. However, many people are often confused because the coffees on the menu are quite similar. One of them is latte and mocha.

Not everyone can distinguish between these two drinks. In the article below, we will learn the difference between latte and mocha. From there, you don't have to be confused in choosing a drink.

The difference between latte and mocha

The difference between latte and mocha (1)



The history and origins of latte are not too unfamiliar to many people. Latte is one of the names of a milk coffee from Italy. This is a version made from Espresso (the most famous coffee in Italy). According to legend, a person wants to drink coffee that is not too strong and strong. 

Taste of Latte

Taste of Latte (2)

So they got creative by adding steamed milk. The result is a cup of milk coffee with a strange taste and easier to drink. Then gradually, a recipe for coffee was born, which is a latte. The specific time is about a decade after the end of the second world war.

Recently, with the development of cuisine. The popularity of latte has exploded over the past 20 years. Not only developed in Europe. But now, this flavor has spread all over the world. Latte has become a drink that everyone should try once. There are even latte art competitions to support this trend.


In terms of history, mocha is not much inferior to a latte. The history of Mocha is known for the port city of Al-Maha, located on the Red Sea in the Republic of Yemen. About mocha origins, one thing needs to be made clear. The term mocha coffee can refer to two different things.

The first is coffee made from mocha beans (AI Mokha beans). Al Mokha beans grew in the mountainous regions of Yemen in the 18th century. But now they are very rare and sell for a high price. However, the word mocha is mainly used to refer to drinks laced with chocolate at present.

 In this article, we are not talking about the type made from AI beads. But we will speak of drinks made from espresso with chocolate or cocoa. The mocha recipe is the result of Europeans using espresso and dairy drinks. 

Currently, mocha coffee is very developed and not inferior to the latte. I testify that you can easily see the word mocha on menus at cafes. Mocha is also a favorite drink of many people.


Shaping Latte Coffee

A good cup of coffee not only tastes great, but looks are also important. 

For cafe Latte, it’s also a drink for coffee enthusiasts. Today's shaping methods are very diverse. Each store will have different decorations. 

But in terms of drawing style, we will see two main types of Latte Art drawing: free pouring and engraving. Free pouring is more popular because it is easy to do and requires less time to make. This way of shaping is for new Baristas. Meanwhile, experienced Baristas will choose to create art with brushes.

Decorate mocha

In terms of appearance, mocha coffee also has many decorative patterns and decorations, unlike latte. 

One of the special decorations of mocha is the coffee underneath, the cream on top. On the cream layer, we often see dark chocolate powder. 

Even the cream and chocolate layers form very beautiful shapes. Iced Mocha and Hot Mocha also have different layouts. 

Regardless of the decoration, the staff adheres to the regulations in the preparation. Most of us see Barista using transparent glass to store coffee. 

In addition, the Barista also makes use of white chocolate to decorate and enhance the taste. 

With the development of the food and beverage industry, creative and unique decorative patterns are highly appreciated.


Both latte and mocha use espresso as ingredients. The main difference between latte and mocha is the presence of chocolate in the mocha. To know more about this difference, we will look at each type separately.


For a latte, you need 4/6 of the steamed milk plus a shot of espresso. The amount of frothed milk is equal to the amount of espresso.

In general, a latte is like a milky drink with just a hint of coffee. Although the ingredients are not diverse, when they combine, they create a very great taste. With the above elements, you can also easily make yourself a latte at home.

Usually, the latte has only one version. You will have less choice than mocha. However, at cafes, you can still ask the bartender to make it according to your taste. 

Latte has many different processing methods depending on customers’ taste, such as Caramel Latte, Green Tea Latte, Hazelnut Latte...

Although there are not as many ingredients as mocha, the latte attracts many buyers with its diverse recipes.


Mocha coffee has more diverse ingredients. A little espresso adds steamed milk and frothed milk to it.

Mocha Ingredients

Mocha Ingredients (3)

If you love exotic flavors, you can also choose to combine syrup flavors. Finally, there is dark chocolate, the ingredient that makes mocha unique.

Ingredients include 2/5 espresso. Followed by the same amount of chocolate and 1/5 of steamed milk. Mocha cups will become more enchanting when the solid coffee color is next to the white color of the fresh cream.

Besides containing many ingredients, mocha also has many versions and more ways to drink than late. Typically mocha latte and mochaccino. Each type has a different proportion of ingredients. 

Mochaccino has 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and milk foam is similar. Mochalatte's components are more different. It consists of 5/8 steamed milk and 1/8 espresso, and the rest is hot chocolate and milk foam. This proves that mocha has much more variety of ingredients than a latte.


Overall, you can't describe the taste of mocha or latte properly. Because the taste also depends on the way of processing. 

Each different store will also have its unique flavors. Currently, to diversify customers, many stores also apply the method of processing according to taste.

From there, both mocha and latte can be into many different flavors. However, each type still has its characteristics as follows:

The taste of latte

The latte contains little caffeine. And the fat of the blended milk is easy to drink and suitable for many subjects. 

But not everyone can get used to this concoction. Because espresso does not combine many ingredients, the latte retains the flavor of the coffee. In addition, the fat from the milk creates a very harmonious taste.

Latte tastes more pure than mocha. This is not a too fatty and sweet drink like mocha. Each restaurant also has its taste, so it is difficult to comment on each taste accurately.

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The taste of mocha

With mocha, the bitterness of coffee and the deposition of chocolate blend perfectly. 

The best with the rich bitterness of coffee plus the greasy rise of hot whipped fresh milk. Adding a layer of smooth milk foam has created an attractive coffee flavor. Even mocha is combined with white chocolate and bitter dark chocolate to make the taste more intense.

Hot mocha makes diners enjoy the fascination and ecstasy. And the iced Mocha with the crushed ice will be mixed in your coffee. You will notice the cool as well as sweet aroma that melts on the tip of your tongue.

User object

A latte is suitable for those who prefer a more diluted version of standard espresso. Latte is a “friendly coffee” because it caters to everyone. Not everyone knows. This is a drink created for children and adolescents. 

Later developed for people who do not drink strong coffee. However, Latte's excellent sweet taste has made it popular with almost all ages. Nowadays, a latte is more popular than ever.

For those who prefer a sweeter coffee, mocha is the right choice. Cafe Mocha is also a coffee of all ages because this coffee is not bitter but also fatty and sweet.

Therefore, mocha is very suitable for those who do not want to drink bitter coffee. Mocha's customers are usually women and children. For those who don't like the fatty and sweet taste much. Mocha is not the best choice.

Overall, both drinks provide the energy boost you'd expect from a cup of coffee. It will depend upon how you’d like to enjoy your daily pleasure.


Hopefully, with this article, you will have a better overview of latte and mocha. More important is the difference between them. From there, you can choose for yourself a suitable flavor. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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