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Best Robotic Window Cleaners of 2021

With the support of artificial intelligence technology and big data, as well as the objective reviews from 2,379 consumers, we ranked the top 25 products you may be keen on the Best Robotic Window Cleaners. Below is the list of major brands such as: OMLTER, CICIN, WSZYBAY, SYLTL, Caredy, UYZ, UPANV, N/A, Sophinique, ECOVACS, zhuolong, SVIVE, CLTWYZ, Hong xia shop, HOBOT, AlfaBot, Mamibot, COAYU, ROMIX.

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You like a space full of light and want to catch the sunrise by the window frame. But afraid of having to clean the glass doors often? For a house with many glass doors, cleaning them will take a lot of time, even endanger their health when climbing stairs to clean stubborn stains on high. The solution for those families is the best robotic window cleaners. This is a new device appearing on the market, but many users love and trust it. Let’s find out the best robotic window cleaners on the market.

Buying Guides

Smart glass cleaning robots have been around the world for quite a long time and started to be popular everywhere a few years ago. For tall, large, and wide glass doors, every time you want to clean them is a problem not only for the cleaning staff but also for families with many windows. 

The solution to worrying about when cleaning the glasses and ensuring your safety is the smart glass cleaning robot. This new type of device appearing in the market has attracted a lot of attention and is favored and trusted by users. So which are the Best Robotic Window Cleaners today? We will help you with that question.

Size, Shape & WeightGetting started with size and weight will always be a good start if you want to buy yourself the best robotic window cleaner. Its size will determine directly the windows it can clean. If you need to clean lots of small windows, then finding a giant robot makes almost no sense. Because of their size, they cannot clean the small corners of the glass. You should choose something like  EnweNge Window Cleaner instead.

The shape of your robot is also important. For example, dual rotating models cannot effectively enter corners but are great for circular windows. Examples include the OMLTER Window Cleaning Robot.

Quality of the Motor

The engine is possibly the most affected part of any automatic window cleaning tool. Quality is not only a direct determinant of suction power but also its travel speed and even noise level. 

Stronger suction power and speed are always a priority, especially for those worried about these robots being dropped or who have lots of windows for regular cleaning. A top-quality machine capable of providing incredible suction power while still being relatively quiet is the HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning.

Attention To Safety

A window cleaning robot of any level is a huge investment, making it even more important to focus on safety. As a result, most users appreciate brands implementing additional features. For example, most of today's vacuum cleaner robots have backup batteries that can be used to mount the machine if the power is somehow disconnected, such as the HOBOT-388.

An often overlooked safety feature is metrics used to alert people of problems. While the majority of devices still rely on simple beeps and LEDs, some newer models have started using voice alerts to relay important information. This greatly reduces the chance of a serious accident if your home is on a high floor and your robot falls down.

AI Technology

AI is used in any robot window cleaner because it affects the level of window cleaning. The simpler machines will use random routes that, with enough time, clean everything up. Most advanced models today use AI-powered routes that use a set of sensors and electrical circuits to track its location and where it should go next. 

Advanced models have begun to build on this AI, creating multi-step cleaning processes that leave a layer of finish. Bottom line is, the better the technology that powers your robot, the more satisfied you are with how it works. You can refer to the Robot Window Cleaner

Advanced Features

There have been a lot of new features appearing in the window cleaning robot market over the past few years. One of the new features increasingly being requested is the automatic injection machine. 

With a machine like a Window Cleaner Robot with Auto Water Spray, instead of having to spray in front of each window as you go, these robots ensure correct delivery every time. Likewise, apps have become ubiquitous, offering a better sense of control over the process.

Best Robotic Window Cleaners reviewed in 2021

1. HOBOT-388 Window Glass Cleaning

HOBOT-388 is almost like a robot vacuum cleaner but it functions as a window cleaning robot, in the top of the most trusted products in the world, is the choice you should not ignore when you have questions about buying a robot. What is the best window cleaner? The product has a compact and stylish design that quickly and efficiently cleans all glass surfaces, even places where people cannot do it like outdoor glass.

HOBOT-388 Window Glass Cleaning Automatic Smart Robot Cleaner

The advantage of the Hobot 388 glass cleaning robot is its superior cleaning ability. The internal vacuum motor keeps the robot from falling, two specially designed 360-degree rotating cleaning wheels that make it possible to move on glass and clean on all glass surfaces, even walls, including both the outside and the inside, clean the ball without leaving any streaks of water.

The robot quickly cleans all glass areas that cannot be reached by humans such as building exterior glass, apartment balcony, tall and wide glass surfaces...

The robot designs a removable water tank with an ultrasonic nozzle capable of spraying a mist with a thickness of 15μm evenly onto the glass, simulating the impact of human breath on the glass, making the glass surface as shiny as possible. take care of the hands of careful and professional cleaners.

2. OMLTER Window Cleaning Robot

OMLTER Window Cleaning Robot is a smart home window cleaner designed with the ability to clean any surface without any manual operation. This type of robot works through the sensing feature in the process of moving around sharp edges and closed corners. 

OMLTER Window Cleaning Robot Smart Glass Cleaner Magnetic Anti-Drop Silent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

At the same time, it also prevents the detergent from falling into the cleaning process. In particular, this robot also has a built-in rope to ensure the robot does not fall out of the window when cleaning.

Besides, the robot is also compatible with iOS and Android devices. Thus, when using it, you will easily control and set up the functions. Alternatively, you can also press the buttons on the app to control the robot manually.

3. HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning

Realizing the need to use robots to clean homes, Hobot Technology has constantly researched to produce robots with the most important functions including window cleaning and house cleaning. Hobot 298 is the latest version with jet technology providing optimum performance.

HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot with Ultrasonic Water Spray and Control

This type of robot is not designed for the task of cleaning windows and countertops, but also for complex functions such as cleaning bricks, hardwood floors. In particular, the back of the robot is also equipped with sensors that allow it to detect dead ends and obstacles to work properly while minimizing collision damage. Comes with 3 wipes that enhance quick cleaning.

4. EnweNge Window Cleaner

EnweNge Window Cleaner robot has a compact design, with the function of cleaning glass and window surfaces. Helps you to solve cleaning problems in an elevated position with no effort. This robot is designed with microfiber sheets that effectively clean the glass surface, remove oil stains, dirt and dust. Let your windows be thoroughly and effectively cleaned in just a few minutes. 

EnweNge Window Cleaner, Smart Robotic Window Cleaner

With 3 cleaning routes that will definitely help you wipe dirt from windows even those that have not been cleaned for many years, helping you save costs on cleaning windows. You can control the robot with remote control. If you are looking for a glass dust cleaner for many years or looking for a cost-effective cleaning method, the EnweNge Window Cleaner is the ideal choice for you.

5. Window Cleaner Robot with Auto Water Spray

It is very difficult and dangerous to clean glass doors in an elevated position, especially cleaning the outside. This job is left to the Window Cleaner Robot with Auto Water Spray  it completely does a good job of this

This robot window cleaner is a self-cleaning robot window cleaner designed to only work on glass surfaces. This robot is quite smart with the ability to determine the best path to move. During the movement, it will automatically avoid obstacles to avoid being damaged. After the cleaning process is finished, it will return to its original location so you don't need to search.

Window Cleaner Robot with Auto Water Spray, Sophinique Window Vacuum Cleaner

In particular, the robot is also equipped with a four-layer disinfectant that cleans windows four times more effectively than conventional robot detergent. This device is not only suitable for families but also for kitchens, restaurants, and hotels. In addition, it is also designed with a friendly interface that is easy to operate when using. You won't need time to learn or train how to use it.


How useful is a robotic window cleaner?

The glass cleaning robot has a common feature that both has a cleaning mode and a vacuum cleaner mode, so there is no running water when cleaning the glass. In general, the robot cleaning glass brings satisfaction to the user because, in large areas of glass, the robot can clean many times and is cleaner than normal cleaning. 

There are many lines of robots such as Window Cleaner Robot with Auto Water Spray to remove the limitations of using glass such as easy to stick to dirt, dust, difficult to clean when designing on high floors.

How do you operate Robotic window cleaners?

Most of these machines are easy to set up and use. After reading the user manual for usage, connect the power cable and the safety cable. Make sure the microfiber pad is attached properly, spray in front of the window if your robot doesn't have the spray function, hold the bot against your glasses and press the power.

Many models like EnweNge Window Cleaner will run automatically, or you can change its settings via remote control or Bluetooth-enabled app. The robot will notify you when it finishes the cycle with a clear indicator, letting you know it's time to move it to the next location.

Advantages of robotic window cleaners?

●    Efficient cleaning: Most of the window cleaning robots on the market today are equipped with powerful suction power, with outstanding cleaning features suitable for many different types of windows. Therefore, this product is able to clean the glass surface quite effectively.

●    Fast and safe: The window cleaning robot can clean even the upper glass position with just one button, it will automatically move and complete the task quickly.

●    Quiet operation: The robot glass cleaning device is produced on modern technology lines, with many breakthrough improvements to bring users the best experience. In addition to the ability to effectively clean, the window cleaning robot like HOBOT-388 also works quietly, gently, without causing a loud noise. This is considered a plus point that many customers appreciate.

Disadvantages of Robotic Window cleaners?

Most glass cleaning robot devices run on batteries, the suction power is too strong to wipe the large glass. When the robot is out of battery, it needs to be charged before it can work again. 

Besides, the investment cost of this equipment is not cheap, you will have to spend a relatively large amount of money to own it. For example, the HOBOT-298 is priced quite as high as robot vacuums.

Should I buy a robotic window cleaner?

Before you invest in a smart window cleaner like this you should consider your budget. Because Window Cleaning Robots Although the initial investment costs for glass cleaning robots can be very high, in the long term it will be a smart investment. 

You can use the device for many years and do not have to spend a lot of money to hire a maid, as well as the cost of buying toiletries. If you still want to buy a cheaper product then we recommend the Window Cleaner Robot with Auto Water Spray.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, the glass cleaning robot is a good, convenient product so you can use it with complete peace of mind. Although glass cleaning robots have only appeared on the market in recent years, the device has been used popularly in many countries around the world and received much positive feedback from users. 

Therefore, you should invest in yourself and your loved ones a robot to clean glasses right away. Above is some information about the best robotic window cleaners that we want to share with readers. Now we are pleased to summarize with a list for you to easily choose the best product for yourself.

●    Best Robotic window cleaners for overall: HOBOT-388

●    Best Robotic window cleaners for value: Hobot 298

●    Best Robotic window cleaners for versatile: EnweNge Window Cleaner

●    Best powerful Robotic window cleaners: OMLTER Window Cleaning Robot

●    Best for the budget: Window Cleaner Robot with Auto Water Spray

That is all the information we want to give you about the best Robotic window cleaners. Hopefully, through this article, you can have a clean and clear window for replete sunlight with the best Robotic window cleaners.