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Best Cordless Leaf Blower Under $100 of 2021

With the support of artificial intelligence technology and big data, as well as the objective reviews from 40,820 consumers, we ranked the top 25 products you may be keen on the Best Cordless Leaf Blower Under $100. Below is the list of major brands such as: BLACK+DECKER, K I M O., TECCPO, PowerSmart, HUYOSEN, RYOBI, Toro, SnapFresh, C P CHANTPOWER, WORX, Meterk, WEMARS, N/A, ENEACRO.

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    K I M O.
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The leaf blower is an indispensable item to clean the pile of leaves and snow covering your yard. However, it is inconvenient (and somewhat dangerous) if you only use a gas blower or electric blower to do these things. That is why we need cordless leaf blowers. With an affordable price, we can easily choose a good product. So let's find out what is the best cordless leaf blower under $100 with Wiki home.

Buying guides

Types of leaf blowers

Hand-held leaf blowers are the most popular choice for homeowners. Self-contained units designed to be held with one hand, these compact blowers are great choices for relatively small jobs.

The term backpack blower is a bit of a lie. While you keep the fan in your hand, the engine sits in the shoulder belt and rides on your back. These types tend to be stronger than handheld blowers and straps making them relatively comfortable to use. They are a good choice if you are using blowers for a long time.

The rear walk blower resembles a snowblower. The most powerful of the three, they are also the least physically demanding to use, making them a great choice for large yards. However, homeowners with physical restrictions should also consider the storage and maintenance of a doorless blower.

Form factors are only part of the equation. Next, consider the power supply.

Gas vs. Electric vs. Cordless Leaf Blowers

The gas blower is the most effective tool for foliar treatment. But they are also the loudest and require the most maintenance.

The corded blower plugs into a standard outlet. They require less maintenance than blowers, but the limited length of the wires means they are best suited for small grounds. With no gasoline engine or battery, wired electric blowers are extremely light. This makes them a great choice for homeowners who want an easy-to-maneuver blower for tasks like blowing gutters.

The cordless electric blower offers wire freedom, and the newer models have the power to compete with the low to mid-range gas models. These larger batteries add weight and battery life varies by brand and model. Large pitches may require multiple pin swaps to complete even if you don't have a lot of leaves.


Manufacturers offer two numbers, CFM (cubic feet per minute) and MPH (miles per hour). CFM is an overall measure of the amount of air given by a blower. The MPH measures the speed at which the air moves. A high CFM will allow you to move multiple leaves at once, while a high MPH will allow you to blow away debris or wet leaves. If in doubt, choose the model with a higher CFM.

Find a blower that feels balanced in your hand or that can be easily moved and adjusted. Functions such as speed control and muting should be accessible, ideally allowing one-handed operation.

Also, pay attention to the design of the nozzle. The larger nozzles have better leaf movement while the circular nozzles are better able to move heavy dirt and debris. (Think the wide and narrow end of the rake compared to the narrower, rounder shovel blade section.) Many blowers offer the option to swap out nozzles or use an adapter to change the shape of the airflow.

Some hand blowers have a vacuum option that allows a lightweight coating to reuse your yard waste. These usually try to penetrate a large pile of leaves but can be perfect for flower beds, where blowing is less efficient and rake can injure fragile plants.

Finally, let's consider the noise level. The blower is notorious for being noisy in terms of volume (decibels) and pitch. Some people find a model-specific "whine" much more annoying than a competing brand. (Wearing hearing protection while using a blower is always a good idea.)


Electric blowers require little maintenance. Simply wipe them clean and watch for dirt build-up on the air intake. If you use mulch, clean the small leaf particles from the bag and blower.

Gas blowers require annual or longer adjustments, and of course, you'll need gas at all times. (Two-stroke engines require a gas/oil mix. You'll have to mix or buy the pre-blended.)

The rear blowers have more moving parts, so they also require more maintenance. The average blower, however, does not require as much maintenance as lawn mowers or similar lawnmowers.

Best cordless leaf blower under $100 reviews

1. BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Sweeper LWS40C

Are you ready to complete outdoor tasks that you've paused for a while because you don't have the right tools? When it comes to sweeping your driveway or removing fallen leaves and debris from your lawn, you want a tool that makes a difference, no matter the weather. With the BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Sweeper LWS40C, you'll get that difference thanks to its power and ease of use that keep you sweeping across your yard at an alarming speed.

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Sweeper

As a lightweight, portable, and ergonomically designed outdoor tool, this best cordless leaf blower under $100 weighs just 4lbs, which means it's perfect for small and large tasks. It's specially designed to be controlled quickly and quickly, with one-hand precision that you wouldn't be able to achieve with other heavier wireless scanners.

With the 40V rechargeable battery attached to BLACK+DECKER LWS40C Cordless Sweeper, there's a lot this wireless sweeper can do for you. This is a powerful tool that can handle different weather conditions and leaves have thicker coats as well as dry, brittle leaves that are easy enough to remove. Take this stuff out for high-end work when cleaning the garage and floor, walkways, and driveways of countless sins.

When used at full capacity, you'll get up to 125mph of airspeed to power through all the debris lying around your yard. That's a pretty big achievement, especially when you know that this sweeper truck is made with a low-noise design to be quieter, not disturbing your neighbors or family while you're working.

2. SnapFresh Leaf Blower - 20V Leaf Blower Cordless

The SnapFresh Cordless Leaf Blower is a portable, battery-powered leaf blower that weighs just 2.7 pounds. This makes it very easy to handle curry and handle, even if you have arthritis or another difficulty handling. The case is neon yellow-green, with a black handle and battery. It is shaped like a dust shield, with a slim design and vented sides. The fan is located at the bottom, where it draws air from the bottom rather than the side. Because of this location, the air intakes are less likely to get into your clothes and get clogged.

Leaf Blower - 20V Leaf Blower Cordless with Battery

What we really love about the SnapFresh Cordless Leaf Blower is that its tube is adjustable depending on the user's height. Given that it is one of the main problems with blowers, it's a huge plus that this model has solved this problem. It also features a two-part tubular design making it truly versatile.

This is ideal for the elderly as it is 2.7 pounds light and does not cause recoil even when the setting is set at maximum speed. We also adopt neon-like bright colors that make it visible even in dark spaces like storage rooms. And if you are looking for a standard, but reliable model, this is an ideal choice as it meets the required speed level (130 MPH) for a leaf blower.

3. KIMO 200 CFM 150 MPH Battery Cordless Leaf Blower 

The KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower is similar in size to the SnapFresh blower, but with a different design. The air intake vents are located on the side, not the bottom, so they can sometimes suck into your clothes. On the other hand, it is essential for the vacuum function, which we will discuss more shortly. Green plastic case, with a black textured handle on the back. Similar to the SnapFresh blower, the battery is located at the bottom of the back for better weight balance. The total weight is just 2.2 pounds, so it should be easily manageable for most people.

The main advantage of the KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower is its engine efficiency. When you fully reduce the trigger, it can move air at speeds up to 150 miles per hour. To be fair, the stream is more direct than SnapFresh and doesn't cover many areas. That said, you can clean heavier wet leaves and about half an inch of dry snow. That's a lot of power for such a small machine. Even so, the engine still works quite quietly. It was noisy, but not loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood.

Not only that, but the vacuum suction function also adds a lot of value. Instead of just moving the dead leaves around, you can suck them up and bag them with ease. Again, it is important to keep expectations reasonable. This is a small, portable blower and it is not suitable for cleaning large areas. But if you need to vacuum a flower bed or a few plant pots, it's the best cordless leaf blower under $100 for this job.

4. TECCPO Cordless Leaf Blower 20V

You will get a TECCPO Cordless Leaf Blower 20V in a package that contains a compact 2.0 amp-hour lithium-ion battery, a charger, an expansion tube, and an instruction booklet. It weighs 4 lbs and 9 oz with the battery. It is as light as the blower I explained above and it is also quite compact.

TECCPO Cordless Leaf Blower 20V

The blower is simple enough with reasonable ergonomics. It has a variable speed control of about 9000 rpm / 15000 rpm and a Lithium Battery of 2.0 AH. It features an innovative axial fan design that maximizes air volume up to a great deal and produces a much greater amount of air than centrifugal force. This cleans your yard, garden, or porch properly.

TECCPO Cordless Leaf Blower 20V has high power air quantity up to 310 CFM and air particles up to 85 MPH, giving strong wind power to get the job done stably. It has a molded rubber on its handle which gives a very smooth grip and saves you money, especially when you're working with wet hands. You will be able to charge half the battery along with the extension with this blower.

All you have to do is fit the extension tubes into the slots and gently twist them clockwise and your blower is ready to go. When you feel that the speed needs to change, you can easily change it according to your requirements. It is a hand-held tool because of its lightweight and even women can use it with ease. And the best feature is the lock button to hold the tool for the desired time, so your hands won't get tired.

5. PowerSmart 350CFM Leaf Blower

With PowerSmart 350CFM Leaf Blower, it provides no-load speeds of up to 16000 RPM. It can easily blow away wet leaves, less ice, dust, and snow from your car. The battery is fully charged and the blowing speed up to 85mph is enough to clean homes, gardens, garages, and cars. The weight of this leaf blower is about 8.5 lbs, designed as a handheld scanner. With a lightweight and ergonomic design, you can get your work done smoothly and comfortably, even for the elderly or children.

PowerSmart Leaf Blower 20V MAX Lithium 350CFM Cordless Leaf Blower

The 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery takes just 1 hour to fully charge. The cordless blower with a fully charged battery can work for up to 25 minutes, which is enough for most projects. The battery can fit all battery-powered products according to PowerSmart 350CFM Leaf Blower including trimmer, saw, and drill. This best cordless leaf blower under $100 has an excellent KD design, which is easy to assemble. For ear protection, PowerSmart 350CFM Leaf Blower is quiet enough not to disturb anyone around you. Pack of good size can make a great gift for family members and friends.

Frequently asked questions

What should I look for when purchasing the best cordless leaf blower under $100?

When buying a cordless blower, be sure to check the weight of the machine both with and without batteries in place. Even a 10-pound blower with batteries will still give you the freedom to move your residence and keep it clean and debris-free year-round.

Why should you use a battery-operated blower?

●    Easy to maintain: These cordless battery-operated light blowers only need cleaning once in a time.

●    No wires: Most tools have short cords so using insecure cables to pull them out in the yard.

●    There is no gas: Nobody wants gas smoke. They smell terrible and are often dangerous to health.

●    Environmental friendliness: Since no gas is used, dangerous fumes will not enter the atmosphere.

What's more important in an MPH or CFM leaf blower?

CFM is more about power than speed. MPH stands for miles per hour and it quickly refers to how air is moving when it comes out of the nozzle. In general, if you want to move more leaves, look for a higher CFM, not a higher MPH.

How much CFM do I need?

As a rule of thumb, you need at least 1 CFM per square foot of room space. To determine the size of your bathroom, multiply the length by the width. For example, if your bathroom is 9 feet long and 6 feet wide, then its square area is 54. Therefore, the bathroom must have a fan rated at least 54 CFM.

A gas blower or cordless type better?

Hand-held gas blowers can go anywhere, but they're heavier and more expensive than wired electricity - and they're noisy. They also require refueling and maintenance. The cordless electric versions deliver less power than gas-powered models and limited run time per battery charge.

Final thought

Make cleaning your yard even easier without burning your wallet with the best cordless leaf blower under $100. Wiki home hopes to help you find the best quality products through our suggestions and buying guides. Check out the shortlist of the most worth buying products below:

●    Best overall: PowerSmart 350CFM Leaf Blower.

●    Runner up: TECCPO Cordless Leaf Blower 20V.

●    Best for snow blowing: SnapFresh Cordless Leaf Blower.

●    Best engine efficiency: KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower.

●    Best budget: BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Sweeper LWS40C.