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3GB 32GB Smartwatch Men s 1260Mah Face ID 1.6 Camera GPS WiFi Bluetooth 4G for iOS Android Smart Watch

By mjj

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Product info:

• Part Number 8013165854816

Product features

1: 1.6-inch super retina circular display, compared with other high-end products on the market 1.39", the display area has increased by 13%. The IPS display with a resolution of 400 * 400 has a pixel density of 354 pixels per inch, which is far Exceeds the 326PPI standard of the retina screen. This crystal-clear display brings you an excellent viewing experience.

2: Fast Face ID unlocking in 0.1 seconds, a smart watch with facial recognition technology. The algorithm used extracts 1,068 facial features, and the smart watch can be unlocked with just a hand lift. Simple and convenient, better protect your privacy.

3: 1260mAh, the smart watch capacity of the largest battery is nearly 40% higher than the largest battery on the market. This is a significant leap in battery life. In the hardware with 3GB + 32GB large storage space, it is equipped with ARM-based The 64-bit quad-core MT6739 of the Cortex-A53 CPU runs at up to 1.25GHz. This top-level configuration ensures excellent performance under all conditions of use.

4: You can measure the current heart rate through Brave's built-in heart rate monitoring application. After starting the exercise mode, the system will also record your heart rate data in real time and focus on your health during the exercise. Operate the GPS in the exercise mode to accurately record your exercise program and display your data in real time on the map. Motion track, 2.0 MP front camera

5: Run on Android 7.1.1 operating system, it supports all Google applications.

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