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Bacon Grill Crispy Bacon Tray, Plastic Microwave Bacon Cooker Oven with Detachable Grease Tray, Easy to Use and Clean Multi-function Bakeware Easily Bake Healthy and Crispy Bacon, 8.7 x 8.9 x 1.4in

By Wohenmang

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Product info:

• Part Number PSS-JJ09002736_WHIT1-2465443
• Model PSS-JJ09002736_WHIT1-2465443
• Dimensions 3.93700787 x 3.93700787 x 3.93700787 Inches

Product features

Reduce fat: The fat in the bacon drips onto the pan, which can reduce the fat in the bacon by up to 35%, and the fat on the pan can be used for frying.

Easy to use-All you have to do is hang the bacon on this grill and bake it normally in the microwave. There will be no fat splashes in the microwave.

Perfect baking-You can use this heat-resistant holder to cook bacon evenly in just a few minutes, reduce fat and cholesterol, and get healthy and crispy bacon.

Easy to clean-The grease tray is detachable, making it easier to use grease. The entire bacon rack (including the tray) is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Wide range of applications-Anyone can easily bake healthy and crispy bacon for breakfast. This baby carrier is suitable for any family. A great gift for yourself, family, friends and colleagues.

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