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Fly Trap FLASHVIN Mosquito Trap for Patio Bug Zapper Mosquito Eradicator Indoor Fruit Fly Traps,Gnat Trap Waterproof Design with Sticky Glue Boards

By flashvin

  406 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number DH-MW23
• Model DH-MW23
• Color Black
• Size Large

Product features

【One Fly Trap, Double Uses】Our mosquito trap designed with a roof can suitable for Indoor&Outdoor, With the IPX4 Waterproof structure ,you can use it in bedroom or patio/porch in all kinds of weather. Effectively catches not only mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats but also disturbing moth outdoor.

【Stronger Attraction for Indoor Gnat】Different from traditional fly trap ,our insect trap sends out an 360°ultraviolet light on the 365~395nm wavelength instead of single 365nm wavelength,which can lure more kinds of insects,and this bright UV light enhances the effects of heat in a mosquito trap, mimic the presence of human.

【Eliminate Mosquitoes Silently and safer for You】When a mosquito is lured into a trap’s intake area, a fan sucks it into a collection chamber, where it crashes into a glue board and sticks to it.Without any chemical odors,without electric shock.Safer for humans and pets,and very easy to use, Just plug it in and turn it on.

【Easy to Use and Easy to Clean】The bug zapper can be powered from a charger hub that is plugged into the wall or with a portable USB power source. When the sticky pad is filled with flies, just exchange it and Replace with a new glue board.

【Mosquito Control for Yard】Covering a large area, Maximum area 500Sq Feet of UV lure,the indoor fly trap is a perfect solution for indoor spaces such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, garden and so on.Place it close to the trash can, pantry, fruit bowl or anywhere you see the most insects.It works its magic best at night when bugs are drawn to its brightness.

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