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EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper Shredder, 7 HP 212cc Gas Engine, 3" Max Wood Diameter, 20:1 Reduction Ratio, 2-Year Warranty After Product Registration - Package 1 of 2 - JUST for Bundle, NOT Individual Sale


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Product info:

• Color Package 1 of 2
• Dimensions 47.24 x 39.37 x 31.5 Inches
• Size 22" x 22" x 17.9"

Product features

JUST FOR BUNDLE, NOT Individual Sale-EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper Shredder has a 15.6 inch cutting rotor with 2 blades + 6 hammers turning out smaller shreds with high feeding speed, grilling device on discharge outlet turning shreds and leaves into mulches.

EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper Shredder can easily chip, shred and mulch 3 inch MAX branches/limbs with leaves at a high waste reduction ratio up to 20:1

EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper has a powerful recoil starting gasoline engine of 7HP 212cc Horizontal 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine, Fuel w/87+ unleaded gasoline (maximum 10% ETHANOL gasoline can be used as well), 0.7 gallons Max capacity

EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper Shredder has two unique designed check windows, the front one for faster replacement of blades and the back one for easier clearing blockage of debris, making your gardening work more efficient.

EFCUT C30 Wood Chipper Shredder can be used for Forestry, Gardens, Landscaping or yard waste recycling to chip tree branches/limbs, and shred brush as a Craftsman Limb Shredder.

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