How to Make Your HDMI Gaming Console Work With Your X Rocker Gaming Chair?

X rocker gaming chairs are one of the best models available in the gaming industry. However, these extreme rocker gaming chair models will be of no use if you cannot connect them to your gaming console.

The only solution to this common problem is to buy another device, which is quite frustrating for several users as they have to spend more money to avail the services of a gaming chair.

Technology has witnessed a lot of change over the years as new chips, controllers, connectors and other gaming equipment are being designed for enhancing the gaming experience.

TVs are now using HD images and surround sound systems and as a result, many new gaming systems have been released which offer the same HD image and surround sound experience.

X rocker gaming chairs are still using the RCA connectors as they offer maximum compatibility across several gaming systems. However, some new gaming systems have added a new HDMI port, while some systems have replaced the old connectors with the HDMI connector.

So, now the problem is that many users own a modern gaming system with an HDMI port, but owns a gaming chair that supports RCA connectors and because of this, they are not able to make their HDMI gaming console work with their gaming chair.

X Rocker Trident Pedestal 4.1 Wireless Gaming Chair

The best way to deal with this problem is to follow the solution mentioned below:

  • HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connector is responsible for offering the high definition and surround sound experience. Earlier multiple cables were used for the same purpose, but now you just need an HDMI connector and a single cable for the perfect result.
  • To deal with this common problem, you must purchase an additional adapter, i.e. HDMI audio extractor. The HDMI Audio Extractor makes sure that the modernized sound sign from the HDMI connection is changed to basic stereo RCA connectors that can be connected with the X Rocker gaming chairs.

In the meantime, it will send the video signals to another HDMI port that you can interface with your HD Television, guaranteeing the same video quality.
So, all you need is an HDMI audio extractor, two HDMI cables, and RCA cables to get rid of this common problem.

You have to first connect your gaming system with the HDMI connector using an HDMI cable and then connect your HD TV with the connector using another HDMI cable.

Now, you should use the RCA cables provided along with the X rocker game chair to establish a connection between the converter and the chair.

Gaming consoles compatible with X rocker gaming chair:

X rocker gaming chairs are compatible with several gaming consoles, which allow you to establish a connection without requiring an additional adapter or device. You do not need to purchase an HDMI audio converter or device for the following game consoles:

  • Xbox.
  • Xbox 360
  • Playstation
  • Playstation 2
  • Playstation 3
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Wii U

The latest sensation in the gaming industry is Xbox one and PS4. However, you need to buy an additional adapter for both the gaming consoles to establish a connection.

Steps to connect Xbox 360 or Playstation with X rocker gaming chair

As mentioned above, you do not need an additional adapter to connect your chair with X box 360 or Playstation 3.

  • If you have already connected your gaming console with the TV, then you should, first of all, turn off the appliance and disconnect the red and white audio cables from the gaming console.
  • Now, get the red and white cables provided along with the gaming chair and simply plug into the chair audio’s port.
  • The next step is to take out the barrel connectors and plug in the red and white audio jacks from your chair to the connectors. However, you should make sure that you have matched the colors of the audio jacks and the connectors before plugging it in.
  • The last step is to take out the audio jacks, which you unplugged from the TV, and plug in the barrel connectors. Now you should again match the colors of the audio jacks and connectors for a perfect connection.
  • Now, if you start your gaming console, then the sound will be produced from the X rocker gaming chair. If no sound is produced, then you should check the connection between the audio jacks and the barrel connectors as you might have plugged the wrong cable in the connector.

Steps to connect Xbox One and PS4 via HDMI connector

Xbox One and PS4 are the latest gaming consoles that come with an HDMI port. The HDMI port is responsible for transmitting high-quality sound as well as video.

As mentioned above, you will require HDMI audio converter and two HDMI cables for establishing a connection. So, let’s have a look at the steps to connect your HDMI gaming chair with the latest gaming consoles with HDMI port:

  • The first step is to take out the HDMI cable and connect one end to the converter’s input port and one end to the TV HDMI port.
  • The next step is to take out another HDMI cable and connect one end to the gaming console input and one end to the HDMI audio or adapter port.
  • The next step is to establish a connection between your gaming chair and the adapter. Now, connect the red and white audio cables from your X Rocker gaming chair to the red and white port of the converter. After completing this step, the sound will be produced from your chair.

These are the basic three steps for connecting your gaming chair with X box one and PS4. So, follow this procedure step by step for establishing a strong connection between your chair and the advanced gaming consoles.

Final Word:

Using an HDMI connector is the simplest method for connecting your HDMI gaming console with your gaming chair. HDMI converters are easily available in the market and are doesn’t cost you a lot of money as they can be purchased between $25- $65 only.

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