How To Set Up X Rocker Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs can be an essential addition to your gaming life. Using a gaming chair has its perks. There are many manufacturers of these chairs out there. But, among them, X rocker has made a great reputation among gamers. After buying an X Rocker gaming chair, the first thing you want to do is to set it up.

Although it’s not a complex thing to do, some may face trouble while setting it up. So, if you are one of them, you can read this article to get a better and clear idea about setting up an X-rocker gaming chair. We are going to describe the whole process for several consoles steps by step

setting up an X-rocker gaming chair


First and foremost thing to do:

  • At first, bring out the chair from the box
  • Then remove the plastic bag from the chair
  • Now unfold the chair and fix it standstill by the pins provided with it.

Set up the process:

Powering UP:

1. Take the power cable and plug one end of it into the chair’s power port which will be on the control panel.


2. Connect the other end. the power chord to the wall socket/power supply.

3. Now, turn ON the chair by tapping on the switch on the control panel

4. Then turn the volume up with the help of the volume rocker. If all goes well you will see the lights are coming from your chair which means, your chair is on.

How to connect with Xbox 360/PS3:

1. If you have connected your console (Xbox 360/PS3) to your TV already, then at first go to the back of your TV and unplug the red and white audio cables which were connected to your TV coming from the Xbox. Rememberdon’t disconnect the yellow or other cables from the TV. Just unplug the red and white audio cables.

2. Now, take the audio cable which came with the chair. The audio cables may vary depending on your control panel type. Read the next step carefully to get a clear idea about it.

3. This step will vary depending on the type of your chair. Please, take a look carefully.

a. If your chair comes with the black control panel: you will get an audio cable that will have two jacks (one red & one white) at each end of the cable (see the 1st picture below). Simply, plug at any end of it into the chair’s audio input port like the 2nd image below.

X Rocker Gaming Chair- Wired Connection Guide 1

b. If your chair comes with a silver control panel: you will get an audio cable in which one end will be a green jack and another end will have two jacks (one white, one red) (see the first picture below). Now plug in the green jack into the green (audio input) port onto your chair like the 2nd image below.

X Rocker Gaming Chair- Connect one end of audio cable to control panel

4. Take out the barrel connectors provided with your chair. They will be black in color on the outside but white and red on the inside.

5. Now connect the white/red audio jacks (2nd end) from your gaming chairs audio cable to the barrel connectors (match the colors of audio jacks and connectors indeed)

6. Now, take the audio jacks of your console (which you unplugged from the TV on step 1) and connect them to the barrel connectors by matching the colors (red to red and white to white).

X Rocker Gaming Chair- Wired Connection Guide 2

X Rocker Gaming Chair- Get connected cable

7. That’s it now if you start your console you will see the sound is coming from the chair.

How to connect Xbox one/PS4 via HDMI:

As the latest consoles (Xbox One/PS4) is coming with an HDMI port that works to transmit both audio and video. So that you cannot directly connect your console’s audio system to the chairs with the provided red/white audio cables. You will need an ‘HDMI to Audio converter’ and two HDMI cables for this purpose. If you’ve bought those already, now step forward to the method of connecting your console’s audio to your gaming chair.

1. Take an HDMI cable and connect one end of it to your TV’s HDMI port and the other end to the converter’s input port.

2. Take the 2nd HDMI cable and connect one end of it’s to the gaming console’s HDMI port and another one to the output port of the


3. Now, connect the red/white audio cables from your chair to the red/white port of the converter. That’s it you’ll get the sound from your chair from now on.


How to connect PC, Laptop, Smartphone, iPad, iPod, etc.:

1. Take the two-ended green ‘audio cable’ which comes with your chair.


2. Plug in one end of that cable to your chair’s green audio port/headphone port.

3. And plug in the other end to your laptop, smartphone’s headphone port (sound card port for desktop). Now, you can play any music from your gadgets, you will hear it from the chair.


We have tried to provide detail about how to set up an X-rocker gaming chair. We think from now on you’ll be able to set up your gaming chair without any hassle by following this tutorial.

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