Different Kinds of Portable Toilets and When Do You Require Them

If you are organizing an event in an outdoor location, then one of the things to ensure is a sufficient number of toilets. Where there are no permanent toilets, you can get portable toilets to the location. If you are in charge of a construction site, then you need a portable toilet for construction workers. Getting a portable toilet on rent is a good option in all these cases. This article will tell you all you want to know about portable toilets.

Portable Toilets

A portable toilet is a mobile toilet that can be physically moved from one location to another. It is the ideal solution for outdoor locations with no permanent toilets. Outdoor gatherings, events such as weddings, and film shooting locations are examples of places where portable toilets can be used. When you avail of toilet rental service, you can ensure such locations would have sufficient toilets for use.

Other names that refer to the portable toilet are porta john, porta-potty, portaloo, or mobile toilet. These portable toilets do not require existing sewerage facilities. They are self-contained units that are usually single units with locked doors. The excreta is usually moved to a container where they can treat it chemically. When you choose a Keyport toilet rental agency, they will supply portable toilets to meet your needs. 

The following are some of the common features of portable toilets:

  • As their name suggests, they are portable and can be easily shifted to any location.
  • The portable toilets are easy to transport. Installation at the site also happens fast.
  • They do not require connectivity to a septic tank or a sewerage line.
  • They are reusable and can be moved from one location to another immediately.
  • These toilets are unisex units with privacy in the form of a door with a latch or lock.
  • The waste disposal happens by moving it to a holding tank where it gets treated chemically or may be shifted to another location for treatment.
  • The toilets can be dry toilets with no water or can have a water facility.

Before you decide on toilet rentals, you need to know about the different types of portable toilets.

Portable Toilet Based on Disposal

Based on the disposal of waste, portable toilets can be classified as:

  • Chemical Toilets
  • Urine Diversion Dehydration Toilets
  • Composting Toilets
  • Incineration Toilets
  • Freezing Toilets

1. Chemical Toilets

These toilets use the chemical method for the disposal of waste. The urine and excreta are collected in a holding tank, and the tank would contain chemicals that would treat the waste, thus preventing odor. They would use biocides that would kill bacteria preventing lousy odor. The flushable portable toilet may use either cold water or hot water.

2. Urine Diversion Dehydration Toilets

UDTT or urine-diverting dry toilets are best suited for places with no water facility. The holding tank would have different compartments for excreta and water. This helps to reduce odor. Since there is no water used, the waste dries up, and the growth of pathogens is reduced. The waste is then moved to a site where it is used as compost.

3. Compost Toilets

This toilet uses the process of composting to dispose of the waste. It is done in dry toilets without water, so the waste dries up. The waste is then moved to a compost pile. Over time, the waste turns into compost and can be used in a garden or farm. This is an eco-friendly toilet since it saves water and the waste is recycled.

4. Incineration Toilets

This toilet is also a dry toilet. The waste is collected into a holding tank, after which it is incinerated or burnt, converting it to ash. This ash can later be disposed of with other waste, and it would be free of pathogens. An incineration toilet would need gas or electricity to burn the waste. Some toilets use the dried excreta to generate power for incineration. These toilets are suitable where there is no water facility.

5. Freezing Toilets

When you get a freezing toilet from a portable toilet supplier in Keyport, the toilet will use electricity to freeze the waste. There is no water needed, and this is a dry toilet. Since the waste is frozen, it does not allow pathogens to grow, eliminating odor. This toilet needs to be installed near an electrical outlet to get a power supply.

Portable Toilets Based on Build

When you need a porta potty rental in NJ, you need to specify the type of toilet you need. The classification is based on the way the toilet is built as follows:

  • Standard Portable Toilets
  • Deluxe Flushable Toilets
  • Self-Serving Portable Toilets
  • Portable Urinals
  • ADA-Compliant Toilets
  • Trailer-Mounted Portable Toilets
  • High Rise Portable Toilets
  • Green Portable Toilets
  • Solar Portable Toilets
  • VIP Luxury Toilets

1. Standard Portable Toilets

This is the most common type of toilet you will find from any portable toilet supplier. The features of this type of toilet include:

  • They are single-unit toilets that do not use water. They are dry toilets.
  • The construction is solid, and the units would have locks.
  • These toilets would have a flush that is usually hand or foot operated. On flushing, the waste is moved to compartments, which are chemically treated.
  • These types of toilets are simple, relatively inexpensive, and preferred for events where there are many people. They are also commonly used in construction sites.

2. Deluxe Flushable Toilets

A wedding is an event where your near and dear ones would attend, and you would want the best portable toilets. When you are looking for wedding toilet rentals, deluxe flushable toilets would be a good option. A deluxe flushable toilet would have the following features:

  • They are similar to the standard flushable toilets but are not dry toilets. They use water to flush the waste. There would also be a sink for use and a mirror.
  • They may be larger than the standard toilets because they include a sink.
  • Some toilets can even have a changing station for changing baby diapers.
  • The waste is collected in the holding tank from where it is disposed of later.
  • This type of toilet is best used for small events like weddings and parties. They are ideal where children are present. When hygiene is a requirement, this type of toilet is preferred.

3. Self-Servicing Portable Toilets

These portable toilets have a cubicle. Within the cubicle, the toilet used is a cassette toilet, and the cassette can be removed. The features of this toilet are:

  • There are two parts here. The outer compartment would be made of plastic. Inside it would be two compartments. The first is a seat, which is detachable. The second is a holding tank, referred to as the cassette.
  • The toilet uses chemicals to treat the waste.
  • When the flush is used, the waste is moved to the cassette, which is a sealed container. Once the cassette is full, it is removed and sent to a site where it is disposed of using various methods.
  • This is a very basic type of toilet and is meant as a low-cost portable toilet. Removing the cassette and replacing a new one involves some work to be done.

4. Portable Urinals

As the name itself suggests, this toilet only has a urinal. This would not be an enclosed unit but an open one containing the urinal. It may be suited for one person, or a large space may have five or more urinals. This type of toilet addresses the needs of men and is used at construction sites mainly.

5. ADA-Compliant Toilets

 This toilet is meant for the physically disabled who find it difficult to use a conventional toilet. The features of this toilet would include:

  • The toilets are ADA-compliant, meeting the everyday requirements of Americans with disabilities.
  • When you are booking portable toilet rental for events, you can ensure that there is at least one ADA-compliant toilet.
  • The toilet would be wider and more spacious since it should accommodate a wheelchair.
  • Safety features like handrails, a lower toilet seat, and anti-slip materials would be used in this toilet.

6. Trailer-Mounted Portable Toilets

The features of this type of toilet include:

  • The toilet is a portable one mounted on a trailer. The trailer is parked at the site where the toilet is needed.
  • This is ideal for worksites like highways, roads, etc.
  • The toilet inside would be a standard portable toilet, which may be a dry toilet.

7. High Rise Portable Toilets

A high-rise portable toilet is fitted with a hook to be moved up to a high-rise location. It can be lifted using a crane to the height needed. Some high-rise toilets can even be transported using an elevator. They are best suited for high-rise construction projects.

8. Green Portable Toilets

A green portable toilet is an environmentally-friendly toilet. The entire toilet is built using materials that are recycled. The toilet is made from eco-friendly materials. The process used also employs eco-friendly products. This is suited for any event where there is a need for an eco-friendly toilet.

9. Solar Portable Toilets

 The features of this toilet are:

  • It has solar panels that convert sunlight to electricity.
  • The electricity powers the toilet allowing it to be flushed. Ventilation and lighting are also powered by solar power.
  • It is best suited in sunny places and sites with no electricity supply.

10. VIP Luxury Toilets

A luxury toilet is meant for VIPs and celebrities when attending parties or events. These toilets may also be installed at film shooting locations. The features of this toilet are:

  • It is air-conditioned and spacious.
  • There would be a large sink with a mirror, soap dispenser, napkin dispenser, etc.
  • It would have all amenities needed for VIPs.

Now that you know the types of portable toilets, you can choose the right type of toilet for your needs. You can Google for porta john rental near me to find a list of portable toilet suppliers in Keyport. Find out if the supplier would meet your requirements and evaluate the pricing before booking a portable toilet for your event or site.

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