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Best Bathroom Sink Faucets of 2021

With the support of artificial intelligence technology and big data, as well as the objective reviews from 5,797 consumers, we ranked the top 16 products you may be keen on the Best Bathroom Sink Faucets. Below is the list of major brands such as: Kohler, Moen, DELTA FAUCET, Pfister, hansgrohe.

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5 ratings


We put a lot of energy into making our homes as beautiful and as comfortable as they can be. The bathroom is not forgotten because we tend to spend quite some time in there. In the spirit of making the bathroom into a haven of sorts, matching bathroom accessories and fittings are required to provide a relaxing ambiance. 

Faucets are often overlooked but they can completely change the general appearance of the bathroom.

You can play with different finishes to complement the color scheme of your bathroom. The best bathroom faucet will not leak nor have its handles break off when you least expect it. It will offer good performance in terms of water delivery and longevity.

We spent hours finding bathroom faucets that you may deem worthy. It may be of convenience for you to read through the review to discover what these faucets have to offer. By the end of the review, you would have found a suitable model for your bathroom. Let us dive in: 

5 Best Bathroom Faucets Reviews

1. KOHLER K-14406-4-CP Bathroom Sink Faucet

Bathroom Sink Faucet is designed to fit 3-hole sinks with centers between 8-16inches.


  • Features a beautifully simple design.
  • Easy to install because of flexible supply lines.
  • Offers a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Made from robust materials for longevity.


  • The faucet does not swivel.
  • The spout of the faucet is narrow thus; the water pressure is a bit low.

This easy to install faucet possesses pre-installed supply lines that are flexible to save you time. It also comes with a drain to make the installation complete, which will save you money because you do not have to buy another drain.

You can relax knowing that the faucet is fitted with durable ceramic disc valves that are designed to offer longevity and optimal performance. The widespread faucet set is easy to clean because it possesses a quality tarnish-free finish. 

In case you run into any flaws with the product, there is a limited lifetime warranty you can access solutions. There are other faucet finishes available for your selection if you want to mix and match for décor. 

Bottom line

It features a beautiful design for those looking for a minimalistic faucet that can last for many years. This product is also ideal for those who do not want faucets with a high-pressure flow rate.

2. Moen 6903 Voss One-Handle Single Hole Bathroom Sink Faucet

Voss Bathroom Sink Faucet possesses a versatile design that has a shiny finish that can fit into the bathroom décor.


  • It looks good and it is easy to use.
  • Offers a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Meets ADA and EPA regulations.


  • The assembly instructions could be better to make assembly straightforward for beginners.
  • The Crain plug is located in an awkward position.

It is a Watersense certified product therefore, you are assured of water conservation without affecting the overall performance of the faucet.

This model has a maximum water flow rate of 1.5 GPM, which is adequate even for those looking for a luxurious experience. The faucet also complies with ADA regulations making it easily accessible for people with disabilities.

If you already had installed other Voss accessories in your bathroom, you can easily integrate this model in because the designs are compatible.

You have the option to select another finish apart from the chrome but it might cost you a little more money. This easy to use faucet comes with an escutcheon for installation and a limited lifetime warranty.

Bottom line

This model would be suitable for those who require a good looking faucet for a friendly price. It easily integrates into the bathroom décor for those looking for replacement faucets.

3. Delta Faucet Lahara Centerset Brushed Nickel

model features Diamond seal technology to reduce unwanted leaks.


  • It is Watersense certified.
  • Twice more durable thanks to the Diamond technology used.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • It gets spotty, especially with hard water.
  • A tad noisy.

This technology allows the faucet to be used 2X longer than the industry stipulation of 500,000 cycles. The brass faucet is fitted with a diamond seal valve that protects the seal from damage even without lubrication.

This faucet does not consume a lot of water because it follows EPA regulations and it is Watersense certified. It has a water flow rate of 1.2gpm and the pressure is decent enough to provide optimal performance.

It is also easy to install because it is delivered with InnoFlex PEX one-piece supply lines. The 3-hole faucet model fits 4-inch centers and it possesses drain assembly.

You can select a different finish from the ones provided to match the color scheme in your bathroom. The faucet is covered by a limited lifetime warranty where terms and conditions apply.

Bottom line

This faucet would be perfect for those in search of an affordable close-reach handle model. It is among the easiest models to install.

4. Pfister LF-049-JDGS Jaida Waterfall Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet

Finally, we have Jaida Bathroom Sink Faucet that meets European and American water conservation regulations.


  • Meets water conservation regulations.
  • Looks good and it is easy to install.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • The faucet finish is easy to clean because it does not spot.


  • Installation holes have to be more than 4-inches wide.
  • May require a special supply line to fit into some American sinks.

The Watersense certified product also meets ADA regulations that facilitate easy accessibility of the faucet by people with disabilities.

This model features ceramic disc valves that offer good performance. You can use the handle many times without having to experience any leakage in the long run. The faucet has a brushed nickel finish that is spot free but you can select another finish to match your décor needs. 

This 3-hole model will not take long to assemble even with the drain in tow. When installing you have 8-12inches spread depending on the kind of sink you have.

Bottom line

This faucet would be great for those who do not want to spend much on a widespread faucet. It also has a unique design that easily stands out and it requires no tools to install the drain feature.

5. Hansgrohe Talis S 10-inch Bathroom Sink Faucet

10-inch Bathroom Sink Faucet is made from solid brass and it features ceramic cartridges to prevent any leaks in the long run.


  • Features durable and top-performing German engineering.
  • Comes with easy to clean anti-limescale nozzles.
  • Offers a boltic lever-lock to keep the handles in position.
  • Accompanied by 3/8-inch hoses for direct installation.


  • Installation might be challenging depending on the design of the sink.
  • There might be a little leakage that eventually stops once you turn off the faucet.

This 3-hole faucet boasts of German engineering that is known worldwide for its robustness and overall excellent performance.

The faucet has a flowing rate of 1.2gpm to conserve water but still provide enough water pressure for use.

The water flows through easy to clean anti-limescale nozzles that are made of silicon. It has a height of 8.8 inches and you can easily assemble it yourself in a matter of minutes. 

You can use the faucet daily without the handles getting loose thanks to the boltic lever-lock feature installed.

This model is accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty and an easy to install drain plug assembly.

Bottom line

This is a nice and affordable faucet for those with spacious sinks. The widespread faucet is easy to clean and it will last a long time.

Buying Guide

A good faucet fits into your bathroom décor and it operates effectively to provide you with a seamless experience. You do not have to settle for cheap faucets that leak or have a poor finishing because there are better products on the market. 

Below we discuss some of the points to keep in mind as you search for the best bathroom faucet.

Type of faucet

The type of faucet you select should be compatible with the design of your sink. The mounting holes in the sink determine the type of faucet you can access. If you have a single hole then you will settle for the regular single-handed faucet that is easy to install.

Widespread faucets are perfect for large sinks with 3-holes for easy installation. These types of faucets are usually fitted 8-16 inches apart depending on the model that you have purchased. The faucet and the handles are mounted separately without the need for deck plates.

Minispread faucets are a hybrid between center set faucet’s size and the widespread faucet’s handle spacing. The handles are installed 4 inches apart from the faucet without the need for deck plates. These mini models are more aesthetic for modern houses compared to the centerset.

Centerset faucets have the handles and the spout sharing a deck plate. The all in one design requires the installation of the pieces to be 4 inches apart. This makes them perfect for small sinks that have a small installation surface to work with.

Size of faucet

Mostly bathroom faucets tend to have short spouts but nowadays long arched spouts are becoming a fan favorite. You want to be sure that the spout extends into the sink appropriately to facilitate easy access. Faucets with a short spout may force you to use the sink in a position that forces your hands to encounter the back of the sink.


When it comes to reliable faucets, the construction material used should be durable to keep up with constant use. 

Faucets made from plastic are discouraged because they are not durable. Metal alloys that feature zinc, copper, aluminium, and a mix of other metals are a step higher from plastic but still, the quality is wanting.

Stainless steel faucets do not corrode and neither do you find traces of lead in them. They are robust and they make a good option for those who do not want the traditional brass faucets.

Brass faucets are the most expensive but they are worth the trouble because they last the longest

Valve selection

There are two types of valves used in faucets, which include ceramic and brass/plastic cartridges. While the standard cartridges feature brass/plastic, ceramic valves/cartridges are preferred because they are more durable. 

In fact, many faucets bearing ceramic valves cost a bit more than the standard cartridges and they are accompanied by lifetime warranties. This goes to prove their longevity for those who want to steer clear of plastic cartridges.

Faucet finishes

What is the theme in your bathroom? Are you looking to match your bathroom accessories or do you need to mix and match for a little spice? You can select many finishes from including bronze, gold, brushed nickel, brass, and black among others. It all depends on the brand of faucet you select and the finishes they offer.


There are faucets that get spotty with watermarks that can be hard to clean and get them back to the shiny appearance. Some faucets are given a spot-proof finish that makes it easier to keep the faucet clean even when subjected to hard water. Easy to clean nozzles with anti-limescale features are convenient as they save energy and time.

Certifications and regulations 

In the world we live in, conserving the environment is important and this means that water wastage is frowned upon. To conserve water, many faucets have to adhere to strict regulations set by the EPA. Selecting faucets that are Watersense certified ensures that you do not use 1.5gpm.

Furthermore, you might want to check for ADA compliant faucets in case you have people with disabilities that need to use the bathroom. This way, they do not have to be put in uncomfortable situations every time they use the bathroom. 

The handles should be easily accessible without needing too much force to open/close the faucet. In addition, the time the faucet stays open should be long enough to avoid the need for frequent contact.


The much that you are willing to pay determines the features and finish options you have access to. If you are working with a limited budget, then the faucet’s finishing options will be less. High-end faucets look good but they are quite pricey. If you are redoing the whole bathroom, consider the overall price of the number of faucets you need.


Faucets are designed to be robust enough to serve you for many years. Reliable models usually offer a limited lifetime warranty that shows the manufacturer is confident in the product. It is more convenient to pick a faucet that comes with a warranty just in case you get a faulty product that needs replacement/repair.


How do I keep my faucet clean?

  • You need to take a damp cloth with some warm soapy water once a week and wipe any muck off the surface. This way the dirt does not accumulate to form a permanent stain.
  • If the nozzles are blocked, give the spout a vinegar bath for a few hours to remove the dirt. If the nozzle is too clogged, you may want to seek a replacement to avoid any health problems caused by bacteria build-up.
  • It is possible to buy a protective finish that prevents the build op of dirt whether it is water spots, toothpaste stains, or fingerprints.

What to do when your faucet starts leaking?

There are several causes that would make a faucet to start leaking including a valve seat that has corroded to a worn-out washer. If you have no experience in plumbing it might be hard to point out the exact problem therefore it is better to rely on a professional. If you have the experience, just replace the damaged parts and have the faucet working like new.

Are all faucets supplied with a drain system?

Unfortunately, not all faucets come with a drain system for free. Brands that offer a variety of drain systems will prefer the customer to purchase a drain that works with their sink thus providing the perfect combination.

Can I install a new faucet on an old sink?

Yes, you can as long as the installation fittings match. However, it might be an awkward look if the sink is dull and you install a shiny faucet. It may be advisable to find a faucet with a brushed finish for a better fit.

Final Conclusion

From the faucets we have presented, have you seen some of the best bathroom faucets for you? If you have, what are you waiting for?

Purchase that faucet and complete your bathroom into the haven that you want.  In case you are not sure which model to select, you can always start with the Bathroom Sink Faucet.

It is a robust model that is user friendly and it gives good value for money. It comes with various finishes that you can pick to match your bathroom. With that said, we will bid you farewell and hopefully, you find the best bathroom faucets for your home.